Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cristina and Leland's Place: A Timeline

Here's my photo-timeline of the progress on Cristina and Leland's new place, which is attached to her mother and step-father's home. I think it's wonderful that Delia and Gabriel want the two of them to be near; it's a sign of a family filled with love and caring. This timeline just hits a few points; it's not at all representative of the hard work the four of them, plus other crew members--both family and professional--put in over the last year. They're hoping to get the carpet, linoleum and cabinets installed soon. Then they'll move in. Hooray for them!

October, 2006

Now all this great big hole in the ground has become the home area which is directly behind the garage you see in the photo below.

May, 2007

When Kay and Milton drove up from Mississippi to visit, naturally one of the places we wanted to show them was Cristina and Leland's work-in-progress. Here's Cristina and Kay, standing where the driveway is today.

May, 2007

We went inside to see how the living area was progressing. Cristina's explaining the design for the ceiling. Behind Milton and Kay is the French door that opens directly into the back yard. The French door to the left opens towards the patio that you can see in the first photo.

May, 2007

From the backyard I got a pretty good shot of Mt. Hood. The fence you can barely see at the bottom of the photo is across the road that passes by the back of the place. The close up of Mt. Hood is enhanced a bit by iPhoto. Remember, this is the last week in May. Look at that snow! Now, the first week in October, it's snowing up there again, around 10,000 foot mark I think I heard on the weather report.

May, 2007

July, 2007

Leland posed for me at the back door. He's excited at the possibility of soon being settled in their home, as is his sweetheart.

July, 2007

This is the view from the garage, through the middle of the addition. The master bedroom and bathroom, plus another bathroom are on the right. Two other bedrooms are on the left.

July, 2007

Here's what I'm calling the great room. Isn't this bronze color fantastic? I can't wait to see how Cristina and Leland decorate it. I also like the silvery gray ceiling which gently sparkles.

July, 2007

Here's a close-up of the texture of the walls. Pretty neat!

July, 2007

July, 2007

The garage is huge, as you can tell by the width of this concrete pad.

August, 2007

I think these ceiling fans look fantastic. Most of the time up here in Portland all you need is a fan and/or an open window. This photo is in one of the bedrooms.

August, 2007

On this particular visit, Mama and I found these lovely dahlias at a roadside stand in Damascus. Here they're decorating Gabriel's saw which had been well-used throughout the months. I can't remember what the little wooden tool is for, but I think it got used lots, too.

August, 2007

The intrepid crew: Gabriel, Delia, Cristina, Leland. They paused in their work to pose for a photo. At this particular time, the exterior of the entire house, old and new, was in the process of getting two coats of paint.

That's all for now. After the move, I'll get more photos to share with y'all.


Andrea said...

The back yard view of the mountain is beautiful.

I laughed when I saw the orange walls. We painted our smallest bedroom Dora the Explorer Orange for our grandson a bedroom since I keep him during the day while his parents work. People come in and say, "THAT IS ORANGE!" I like bright and colorful walls.

Lynette said...

Thanks for looking at my blog. I would like to point out, though, that the walls are a deep bronze color, not actually orange. My camera couldn't capture the color at its truest.

Faye Pekas said...

What fun it would be to build your own home from the ground up. And such a beautiful area! I'll look forward to seeing it when its finished.