Monday, August 10, 2009

PCPA Tour Guides' tour of MAX Yellow Line Public Art Continues

Facts from TriMet's Web site.
N Lombard Transit Center
Linda Haworth addresses the theme of labor in the community. Glass mosaic on columns and trash containers bring color to the area. (Parts that I didn't get to photograph included "Mosaic guardrail panels feature tools in dynamic settings." and "Community map artist Victor Maldonado used symbols of farm labor as metaphors for social progress." This intersection is where people transfer to go to Swan Island, an industrial area, thus Haworth's theme of labor.)

A trash can I barely managed to photograph as the train pulled away. Valerie told us that Haworth worked with Bullseye, a top-knotch stained glass manufacturer in Portland, to get the colors of the glass just like she wanted them, and she worked with tweezers to place the tiny, tiny pieces just right.

Shelter columns and trash containers are wrapped in colorful glass tile.
I shot this photo of a bus stop at Lombard to show you how much larger it is than the usual ones--Valerie told us that this is the busiest mass transit intersection in the system. I think this is the westbound stop, based on where it is, so this info is about it: Westbound stop features windscreen glass designed by Makelike and a seating wall with ceramic tiles by Victor Maldonado.

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