Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Candid #1

D50 photo

June 25 I rode the 12 bus to the Portland State Farmers Market before walking down the South Park Blocks to see the Italian cars. Although I couldn't understand their language, it was easily obvious to me that these two women enjoyed being together, laughing and talking until the one of the right left the bus, I'm sure telling her friend good-bye, have a great day, some sort of good wishes as she pushed open the back door and stepped out onto the sidewalk. I wish I could have taken the photo a few seconds earlier so that you could see the five tiny gray buttons on the ribbed portion of the sweater's sleeve. When I downloaded the photo, I noticed that her olive green pants had matching buttons decorating them, too, four of them visible from the knee down as she sits beside her friend.

I've tried to crop the photo so that you can see the buttons. They spoke to me of days gone by when my Mama decorated dresses she made for me with buttons chosen carefully, buttons that matched the fabric's colors, buttons hand-sewn in just the right place of her choosing.
DSC_0394buttons sweater
DSC_0394buttons pants
The sweater's buttons and the pants' buttons.

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