Sunday, June 10, 2012

The first of a few moments that I witnessed during the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon on May 20, 2012, at the intersection of NE Sandy Blvd. and NE 20th Avenue, right in my neighborhood!


A woman on a bicycle cautiously approached NE Sandy, heading north on NE 20th Avenue. Since there's a police officer stopping traffic from the center of the intersection so that runners in the Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon can continue on their way, she crosses the street. I like how the red hand on the traffic signal looks as if it is attached to her bicycle helmet like the comb on a rooster!

Here comes the next bicyclist crossing Sandy behind her. I have to say that I am shocked somewhat to see that the two of them are bicycling the city streets in flip flops. Thank goodness they're wearing helmets. I'll bet they're together--the flip flops give them away.


The two of them wait patiently on the corner, searching for a break in the runners. You can tell how much rain the man's been riding in when you take a look at the discolored front of his shorts; her pants are wet, too, but the difference in color is not easy to discern unless you click on the huge original size of the photo which I cannot put here on the blog--sorry. On that original size, it's easy to see drops of rain here and there, too.


Just about made it, threading the needle all the way across NE 20th, heading west.

Yep, home free now. What cracks me up is that when I looked at this photo as I cropped it, I wondered what in the world is that woman doing with the toes of her left foot? The dark spot caught my eye, and I had to see for myself, so I clicked on the huge original size of the photo to take a look. She's got those two outer toes crooked upward like she's trying to keep them from hanging off the edge of her flip flop as she trots along beside her bicycle. How many of us do something similar, unconsciously? I used to do that back when I wore flip flops.

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Lois Evensen said...

What a neat series. And, regarding those flip flops: they don't seem to be a very wise choice to wear while bicycling in the rain.... ;)