Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Wet Spot Tropical Fish, Hollywood District


At the recommendation of a family getting settled into their various bicycles so that they could ride home from the Hollywood Farmers Market, I stepped into The Wet Spot to take a look at the beautiful fish.

Were they ever right!

Here's what I found at the About link on their Web page, see link above:

We’ve got things to keep everyone entertained!

Our show tanks have some of the coolest fish you’ll ever see. Come in and view our 500 gallon Lake Malawi microenvironment. Sit and relax in our newly remodeled showroom and visit Francis, our Fahaka Puffer. Check out Snuffer the Fire Eel, and Mikey the Bichir. See our large Goldfish including Pig, Tomato, and Pudgy.

 - One of the largest collections of African Cichlids in the U.S.

- Fish you’ve only read about or seen pictures of, including Bichirs, Knifefish, Rainbowfish and Killifish.

- An assortment of fancy Goldfish year round, and Koi in the spring and summer.

- A special Betta section of the store, with all sorts of beautiful Bettas coming in weekly and all the Betta supplies and accessories you need.

- A broad selection of Discus, including wild types.

- Catfish, Loaches, Cory Cats and other bottom dwellers.

- Plecos and Algae eaters of all different sizes and shapes, including rare and unusual species.

- An amazing seasonal selection of freshwater puffers.

- An unparalleled selection of Tetras, Barbs, and Danios

- Many different Livebearers – the best way to have baby fish and watch them grow up.

- Central & South American Cichlids of all kinds.

- A diverse array of live plants - with something for (almost) any tank – and fertilizers, utensils, and complete CO2 systems available.

- Everything you need to set up a nano aquarium and stock it with the coolest micro-fish.

- A huge selection of dry goods in stock at all times, including specialized Aquarium books.

- A knowledgeable and informed staff to help your aquarium flourish.

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