Thursday, August 23, 2012

Seen in conjunction with The Big Float, No. 3


Bubbles, bubbles everywhere, even on this dog's nose! I know you're wondering what this photo has to do with The Big Float. Before I realized I was standing in the wrong place to see any close-up float action, I stood with a couple and their two dogs just south of the Hawthorne Bridge, thinking eventually the float would go by right in front of me, well to the back of me if you look at the perspective of this photo. I call it serendipity because I got to watch this dog have such a good time trying to catch the bubbles being blown by a little girl. Not once were they close enough for a good shot of the two of them together, but I still like these two in particular.


I tried here to crop and alter the photo in order to make the bubble more visible. Not sure I succeeded.It's right there where the nose meets the dog's coat, just on the right side of the snout.

Here's one more. I think there are two bubbles on the nose this time!


See two? I do.

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