Saturday, February 09, 2013

Seen at the Blazers' game, Feb. 2, 2013, No. 3

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Cropped close so you could get a good look. I took this photo across the curve at the southwest end of the Rose Garden Arena. I usually look over there a few times before the game to watch DJ O.G.One doing his thing--he's the official DJ of the Portland Trail Blazers. When I saw this cute little lady standing there beside him, I just had to be a photo. I've never noticed her there. I wonder if it was his pre-game mix theme that drew her inside the arena to listen up close for a few moments--her uniform means she's an usher. You see, on this particular evening, he had posted on Facebook that his pre-game mix theme was Throwback Soul Classics. I commented on his post: Your Throwback Soul Classics are rocking the RGA for me, up here in 333, Row A, Seat 6. Thanks!

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