Thursday, April 04, 2013

April 4, the potential movement of Ratty Caddy, in all its new, customized glory.

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Seen at the Portland Roadster Show at the Portland Expo Center, Saturday, March 16, 2013. When I got off the MAX Yellow Line to walk across the huge parking lot to buy myself a ticket for the show, I had two goals. Find Ratty Caddy. Hang around long enough to see Marti Brom's rockabilly show. Around seven hours later, I had accomplished both goals and once again walked across the parking lot, to catch the MAX back downtown so that I could make my connection with the homeward bound bus. I had a blast. 

The highlight of the car show, when Ratty Caddy's owner Dave recognized me although we've only seen each other in person once, back on July 16, 2011, when he had Ratty Caddy at the Cars in the Park, Multnomah Hot Rod Club show as part of the Portland Art Museum's tribute to their exhibit known as The Allure of the Automobile. We talked then, I admired the car, he said it was OK for me to get in the driver's seat for a photo, and I asked if we could be Facebook friends. Dave agreed and we've been keeping up with each other and our love of well-designed automobiles, be they customized or not, ever since. 

So, when I walked up beside the car at the Portland Roadster Show and took a few photos, waiting for him to finish visiting with another admirer before I got his attention, lo and behold he saw me and said, "Lynette!" and reached out to give me a hug, going on to say how glad he was that I had come to the show and that I needed to get behind the wheel again for a new photo. You see one of the three that he took with my Nikon--thanks, Dave!

Come back tomorrow for some close-ups and other views. Plus, if I could get the link to work, I'd set you up to see Ratty Caddy as it looked in 2011. It won't work, but if you are curious--and I certainly hope that you are--please go to the search box at the top left of the blog and type Ratty Caddy. You should get the chance to see it in all is former, customized glory.

P. S. I'm wearing the Twisted Car Club T-shirt that Dave had sent to me by U. S. Mail. Thanks--I love that shirt!

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