Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Nature's beauty, No. 24


To wrap up the entire Nature's beauty series, I decided to go with this photo of the Albertina Kerr property that I took on that cold Sunday morning when I lucked out and decided to see what I could find in the fog. To me, it's important to show you where I was for over two hours, practically swooning with every step as I saw one after another sight that I needed to photograph.

The first five days of the series featured images taken at the far left of this photo where there is corner flower bed, raised above sidewalk level and enclosed in a stone wall topped with bricks. You see where that last tree on the left meets with the end of the hedge? The raised bed starts there and goes an equal distance down to and around the corner before the hedge begins again. The rest of the photos were taken inside the hedge, in several well-maintained beds filled with roses or shrubs or foliage plantings. When I think about how many exceptional opportunities I had for photographs in this small space, I am amazed and humbled by Nature's beauty. And I say, "Thank you," to those who garden on the Albertina Kerr property.

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