Monday, December 02, 2013

Live Music: Curtis Salgado and Band at Jimmy Mak's, November 30 - Inanimate Objects That Caught My Eye, No. 1

From the time we got the tickets, my friend from work Sharon and I had held out the upcoming Curtis Salgado and Band show as the ultimate motivator to get through the days until it arrived. Saturday night she drove to my apartment and parked. We rode the bus to Jimmy Mak's since neither one of us had any idea where to park near the club. We got off in front of Powell's Books and walked down the slope on NW 10th, arriving at Jimmy Mak's before anyone else, not realizing that our reserved seating/dinner required tickets meant an assigned table. We thought it would be first come, first seated. So, we arrived three full hours before the show was to begin, were led to our table--a booth in the corner beside one end of the stage. By 7:00 p.m., we had dined and watched people and talked about what a great time we knew was coming our way. We could see very little of the stage, raised at least six inches from floor level, because a large Hammond organ stood right in front of us, giving us a perfect view of its keys and of the electronic keyboard sitting on top of it. We decided it didn't matter one bit. We were right where we were supposed to be, learning about making reservations at Jimmy Mak's and how you can call after you've bought your ticket online and request a table. Next time we'll know better.

I couldn't help but notice the vintage Samsonite suitcase right in front of me, to the right of the organ bench. Duct tape repaired suitcase handle. I have a long history with duct tape, having learned from my Mama how to tear it off straight from the roll when I was a young girl. For a small woman, Mama had very strong hands. Over my sons younger years, their Christmas included a new roll of duct tape, a roll of string, a flashlight, and batteries. I told the organist that I like his suitcase and its repaired handle. He explained that it wasn't his, that it stayed with the organ which I took that to mean that the organ wasn't his, that it stayed on stage at Jimmy Mak's. Pretty good idea if you ask me. That thing must be very heavy, not something you'd get out of your vehicle and pull into the club to set up for the night.

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