Monday, June 08, 2009

Memorial Day at the Guys'

Ribs--brownies are in the green tin in the background. I made them from a Duncan Hines box.

Brisket and smoker


Brisket from smoker to pan, with Lamont




Corn, ready for the Weber, and on then grilling on the Weber


My first plate of Memorial Day yummy food (rib, potato salad, slaw, Leland's fresh salsa with bought chips, and a deviled egg, made by me), enjoyed while the brisket rested and the corn grilled--I forgot to take a photo of that plate!

Our friend Leslie holds Kailey's Ginger (Kailey had eaten earlier and left for work) while Leslie and Chris' Brixx checks out tiny Ginger. Leland's got a tight hold on Brixx' leash--she's a strong gal!

Before everything got started, eating-wise, I got Leland to snap this photo of me, Duncan and Mama--I am beyond needing a perm, but I'm waiting because I want to get it done later on so that I can get another one right before heading to Mississippi and the NASCAR race at Talladega in late October, early November.


preciousandgemini said...

Memories, photos of you guys now, brings a sentimental tear or three to my eyes...oh, I guess I should let you know who this is, huh? Angela Tucker, from Key Elem. Had a dream about Lamont..noooo, not THAT kind of dream. Just have had you guys on my mind for a couple of days and was lucky enough to find this great site you've made. Oh, the pictures of is so good to see all of you. I miss you guys. I mean, we all grew apart, as will happen to schoolmates, but to be able to get a peek into "where are they now", how wonderful. Well, congratulations on a great family. It looks as though Portland really agrees with all of you. Take care of one another and keep up the excellent blog. I love you guys.

Lynette said...

Angela, it's great to hear from you. Thanks for taking a look at the blog. I enjoy it very much, the photos and the writing. It's helped me not be too homesick for Jackson. We do love Portland, all four of us. Hope all's well with you and yours.