Monday, June 22, 2009

Tour Guide Perk: Downtown Walking Tour with Peter Chausse, Redux

I had seen one of our stops with Peter, Terry Schrunk Plaza, many times. I'd never stood right in the center of it, though, which I did right after taking this photo. Here I've got Peter mid-word as he explained that the plaza uses the principles of the ancient Greek and Roman amphitheaters, how the sound reverberates in one's ears if one stands there and speaks. So I just had to do it. Delightful! That's how I describe it. Delightful! It certainly made sense--how else would those long gone audiences have been able to enjoy all of those plays?

From Waymarks Dot Com:
The Terry Schrunk Plaza is located across from Portland City Hall at the 1200 block of SW Third Avenue. Terry Schrunk was the Mayor of Portland from 1967 to 1973.

Also in the plaza, the Lake Tai Rock.


From Fodor's:
A terraced amphitheater of green lawn and brick, shaded by flowering cherry trees, the plaza is a popular lunch spot for the office crowd. Up by Southwest 4th Avenue there's a Suzhou stone, a valuable limestone boulder received as a sister-city gift from Suzhou, China.

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