Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yummy entrees from 3 Doors Down Cafe, 37th and SE Hawthorne

The Special one night in December: braised lamb shank, mashed potatoes, roasted young turnips, Brussels sprouts, red onion and a scrumptious serving of what I call the wonderful juice, but the cooks in the kitchen refer to it as the braising liquid.

Braised Painted Hills short rib, parmesan, Meyer lemon, spinach risotto with pan jus. From the menu we find out the proper terminology for the wonderful juice.

Tuna, polenta, vegetables--I can't find my menu from that night, doggone it! Anyway, it was scrumptious! It might have been the special, I can't remember. But I got this great photo of it, right before I ate it all!

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