Sunday, May 15, 2011

Some of what I saw, No. 1

I had such a great time on Saturday, May 14. First I made a momentous decision to trust the weather forecast and leave my umbrella and raincoat at home. Next I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of the Architectural Heritage Center's Walking Tour of Portland’s Yamhill Historic District and Beyond. Then I rode the MAX Yellow Line in search of lunch and a restroom, just for the fun of going to a different neighborhood. Finally, I rode home on the 6 and the 12 buses. No rain! Some of the time I had to wear my sunglasses due to the sunny/cloudy glare! Naturally, I took loads of photos, all sorts of photos. And I have already uploaded each of them to Flickr, placed in Sets which means I will easily find them to share with you!

First interesting shot of the day as I ambled to the meeting spot for the walk, and I didn't have my camera on! I missed a fantastic side view of this rolling advertisement. Perhaps another dry Saturday or Sunday I will be out and about and see the Trident Vitality Vigorate Gum vehicle again.

By the way, I am thrilled that our trees have their glorious green leaves back--hooray for Portland!

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