Monday, May 16, 2011

Some of what I saw, No. 2

I had such a great time on Saturday, May 14. First I made a momentous decision to trust the weather forecast and leave my umbrella and raincoat at home. Next I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of the Architectural Heritage Center's Walking Tour of Portland’s Yamhill Historic District and Beyond. Then I rode the MAX Yellow Line in search of lunch and a restroom, just for the fun of going to a different neighborhood. Finally, I rode home on the 6 and the 12 buses. No rain! Some of the time I had to wear my sunglasses due to the sunny/cloudy glare! Naturally, I took loads of photos, all sorts of photos. And I have already uploaded each of them to Flickr, placed in Sets which means I will easily find them to share with you!


To sprint in wild abandon, filled with joy,
Pumping your arms to increase your speed,
You're halfway down the block, girls and boys,
And soon the traffic signal you'll need to heed.

You'll screech to a stop
With a jump, skip and hop,
Waiting for adults to catch up.

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