Friday, December 16, 2011

In my neighborhood, at ReRack

Sunday, October 16, on our way back after a trip to Freddie's for groceries, Lamont and I noticed something going on at ReRack, a nearby business. Couple hours later I went for a walk and figured it out. They'd shoveled snow onto hay, added a couple of ramps and adventurous snowboarders complete with fans. I especially like this photo because so much is going on. There's the 1920s automobile comes into view on the left, the snowboarder just left of center slides on the rail--his board is purple and white, three people take photos and/or videos, and others just watch as they face the action. The two people on the left with their backs to me wait in line to climb up onto the ramp out of view to the left so that they can take their turn. And see what looks like a speaker on the right, near the front of that van? Loud music, but not obnoxiously so. Looks like at least one watcher arrived on a bicycle--I believe I see a basket and a brake. Some may have arrived on TriMet--there's a bus shelter in the background to the left of the guy in the olive green cap taking a photo with his phone. The green and blue building is not for sale, to my knowledge. There's an empty lot just beyond it with that giant sign standing near the street, sort of a parking area I think. At ReRack's Facebook page, there are lots of splendid photos in an album called Rad Ruckus Rail Jam 2011, taken by GEE-Photo.

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