Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My March Madness continues with Louisville Cardinal Gorgui Dieng, a good reason to pull for Louisville

Sophomore Gorgui Dieng, 6'11", 235-pound center for Louisville, blocks a Davidson shot during the first half shot during the Second Round game between the two teams. On the Louisville basketball Web site, I read that his hometown is Kebemer, Senegal--at the game he was announced as from Senegal, no mention of the town. Intrigued me, let me tell you, after having watched a few young men from Senegal play at a Jackson Public School back home in Jackson, Mississippi. I used to keep score for the high school basketball teams where I was a librarian, so I traveled with the teams and kept score in our own gym--loads of fun for me!

Look at that ball fly! Found on the Louisville basketball Web site's post-game notes:
Gorgui Dieng swatted two shots in the game for 113 this season. Through his two-year career, he has registered 169 blocks, which ranks sixth all time. He also scored nine points to reach the 500-point mark in his career.

This photo makes it look like the ball flew by so fast that it caused those two players to swivel swiftly at the waist! I decided early on in the game that I liked watching this young man play. As a result, I decided I would pull for Louisville. They ended up defeating Davidson, 69-62.

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