Friday, March 09, 2012

Seen on the street, September 18, 2009

Something I never thought I'd see, a Pronto Pup trailer. Wonder what county fair it was headed to or from? State fair? Can't remember exactly when it happens here in Oregon. However, I do remember enjoying Pronto Pups at the Mississippi State Fair while growing, heading there with my Mama who had three goals--Pronto Pup, a pineapple ice cream cone, and some Malone's State Faire Taffy! She loved those three goodies! And she even worked at Malone's once, when I was a toddler I think. Anyway, some folks call 'em corn dogs, but they'll always be Pronto Pups to me.

I took this photo back when East Burnside was a two-way street at this location. The cross street is MLK. Looking at the original size photo and seeing Fishels, a furniture store in the building on the corner in the background, with vehicles heading west to cross the Burnside Bridge is somewhat disorienting. I mean, for the entire time I've lived in Northeast Portland, about 14 months, there has been nothing but east-bound traffic beginning at this intersection.

Love the vivid colors which show up much better once I took a photo without practically looking straight into the sun.

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