Thursday, April 26, 2012

And there it is, the mud I'd read about on the Tulip Fest Web page

muddy_aisle_walkers_tulips_vehicles Since the weather was so sunny and warm, I decided to forego the recommended rubber boots and wear my ol' black Crocs instead. So, I was ready for what you see ahead there, the only mud we saw last Sunday.

I'm not saying that walking on the drier areas was easy, every single step. Nope. Three times, at least, as I put it down in the mushier track, my right foot slid to the right, just enough for my body to send me an uh-oh feeling. Somehow, the tulip gods were with me, 'cause I remained upright! Once I walked onto firmer ground, I looked down at my shoe. Ringing the outer edge like brown icing--mud--right up to the bottom edge of the holes. I couldn't believe that there was no mud inside my shoe! Yippee!

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Lois Evensen said...

Oh, well, a little mud to see the pretty tulips - a fair trade? :)