Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Only in Portland, a man and his van attract my attention as I walk to the AHC for a lecture on a sunny, bright Saturday morning

IMG_0643picnik_cropped_straightened_HDR-ish Take a close look at the man in the pea green jacket. Tell me what you think first attracted me? The purple van? Yes. The pea green lettering that perfectly matched his jacket? Yes, that was next. And just that quick, I noticed his purple hair that perfectly matched the color of the WineUpTV.com van. That's why you can see his hair, just the side of his face and the back of his neck. His hair blends out of sight into the side of the van. Here's a link to the Web site where you can visit the Home of the Wizard of Wine . At the link you can watch an episode of WineupTV, hosted by a man with purple hair--I assume it's the same man, but I cannot be sure since I didn't get any closer than the sidewalk where I stopped to take the photo with my iPhone. Keep Portland weird, that's what I thought as I checked the image on the iPhone and continued on my way. P.S. I HATE the new BLOGGER whatever they call it because I cannot get any blank lines to show up between what I consider to be paragraphs. HATE IT! Paragraphs are necessary entities when one is writing. Get real, Google! And I'm quite certain that back whenever it was that they announced this new whatever they call it, I went to their comments or some such and complained up one side and the other about not being able to have a blank line in between what I consider to be paragraphs. Did I hear one word in answer? Nope, not one word. WISE UP, GOOGLE! I've tried indenting what I consider to be paragraphs, leaving untold number of blank lines on the post as I'm working on it. NOTHING HELPS! RATS, GOOGLE! If I could get this to work, my P.S. would not be jammed up against the last sentence about taking this photo.

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