Thursday, January 10, 2013

Four runners

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DSC_0490_cropped On Tuesday after work, I decided to walk west across the Hawthorne Bridge. Why not, I thought, it's around 50 degrees and not raining. Little did I know that gusts of wind would buffet me every time I stopped to take a photo--I pulled up the hood on my raincoat, thankful that I had layers underneath it, a sweater set and a sweatshirt jacket. 

Still, I enjoyed myself quite a bit, happy for the walk and the photo opportunities. I noticed these four women running, two eastward, two westward. My hope was that no one would come around my left side and get in the way of the photo I wanted to take--this one of the four of them side-by-side. I've cropped it a bit, otherwise, it's straight out of the camera.

DSC_0490_BeFunky_fill_light Here's the same photo, with a bit of fill light added. Which version do you prefer? I like the lighting in the SOOC, but I wasn't certain you'd be able to see the runners well enough, so I added the fill light at BeFunky. 

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