Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Sweet memories

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Forty years ago yesterday, I married this smart, smiling sweetheart--a sexy, hunk of a man--named LeRoy. During the ten years, three months, and two weeks we got to be together before he died on April 14, 1983, we had two splendid sons named Lamont and Leland. I count myself extremely blessed to have had that time with him and for the time I continue to have with two of them. 

If you were of marrying age on December 31, 1972, you'll remember that non-traditional weddings had come into existence. Was I ever glad of that! I just had never seen myself in a white, lace and bead encrusted wedding gown. Nor did I envision that beautifully built man in a tuxedo which to me meant he'd look like every other groom out there. So, I decided that since dark green was one of my favorite colors, I'd find a dress that color. My maid of honor Marsha found a lovely rust-colored dress. See the bouquet beside the cake? The colors of our dresses enhanced the beauty of those pyrethrum daisies. And LeRoy's camel-colored corduroy sport coat, chocolate brown slacks, and cream-colored shirt with ruffles at the sleeves and neck, plus his brown paisley ascot, made him my unique groom. 

I'm smiling and tearing up at the same time, as I type these words and remember our excitement at becoming Mr. and Mrs. 

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