Tuesday, July 09, 2013

July 4, Waterfront Blues Festival


Portland Police Bureau Chief of Police Michael Reese on stage with the band The Usual Suspects.

Here's the info about the band that I found at a link on the Waterfront Blues Festival's Web site:

The Suspects number around eight pieces on a good day and play an eclectic blend of blues, country rock and classic rock and roll songs. Their original compositions are thought provoking dissertations on daily life, love and finding bail money.

The Line Up

  • Mike Reese: Various tattoos and scars tell a sordid tale of life on the edge. Mike is the Suspect’s founder and songwriter/guitarist, and most definitely the “Most Wanted” member of the band. 
  • Kari Pearson: Kari is the Suspect’s smooth voiced lead singer with many years experience playing penitentiary gigs. She has a great vocal range and can cover a variety of musical styles according to her probation officer.
  • Mel Tellinghusen: Mel just got back from his recent tour of northwest financial institutions where he proved he is a master of the sticks as well as stick-ups. He also loves laying down the groove on people deserving of it.
  • Mike Kuykendall: Also known as the “Bass Man of Alcatraz”, Mike has fought the law since getting his first guitar at age 12. His favorite movies are “O Brother, Where Art Thou” and “The Longest Yard.”
  • Tracie Andrusko: A concert violinist with a burning desire to jam in a rock band with convicts and play free concerts at local jails. Tracie has added a new dimension to the sound of the band with her subtle fills, soaring solo’s and arrest-free record.
  • Steve Andrusko: Steve drove wife Tracie to practice one night and abruptly announced he had a trumpet, could carry equipment and drive the getaway car. He was hired on the spot. Steve and Tracie are the Bonnie and Clyde of the Suspects, making this a truly unique family experience. Steve’s favorite quote is, “I’m just along for the ride.” 
  • Nathan Andrusko: Yep, you guessed it. Son of Steve and Tracie, Nathan is recognized state-wide in Oregon high school competitions as a master trombone player, and he recently got time off from the principal’s office for good playing.
  • Chris Azorr: Chris is the most recent band member to post bail and brings to the line-up a great keyboard. He loves to play the rockers when he is not actually breaking rocks.
You’re going to love this band….

And I did!

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