Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers -- doing what they do best!


I lucked out on Saturday and managed to park about 100 feet from the corner where my sons live in SE Portland. You see, I had been driving around, looking for a way through the blocked streets so that I could continue doing errands in the Zipcar McMinnville last Saturday. My original plan was to drive by their house and holler at them, then I heard the drums through the open driver-side window, just before I noticed a parking space on the opposite side of the street and saw a Portland Police Bureau motorcycle officer directing traffic at the upcoming traffic control circle. He gave me permission to reverse my direction around that circle so that I could park. I grabbed my camera, stepped out and started taking photos.

I had happened upon the Division Clinton Annual Street Fair & Parade! Well, the parade part of it at least. So happy to hear the approaching Last Regiment of Syncopated Drummers! Right after I took this photo, they changed from a sort of rhythmic drumming and stick clicking into a booming, loud, wonderful drumming that set off nearby car alarms! Whoopee! On the far left, Greg Odell, LRSD founder and the man who gave me my drumming lesson last October, a perk for my support of the LRSD's Kickstarter campaign. What a fun thing to get to do!

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