Monday, September 25, 2006

Hooray! We have a new place to call home!

This afternoon we signed a lease on a two-bedroom, 1 bath apartment that is about 7 blocks east and 20 blocks south of where we are now. We can start moving in on Oct. 21--we have to be out of here on Oct. 31. Among the several suitable aspects of this apartment, one stands out the most in my mind and heart--I can ride the same exact bus that I've been riding, the #10 Harold. I'll get on it about 11 minutes earlier is all--thank goodness!

Riding the #10 Harold home every day means I can still stop in at New Seasons to get Mama's prescriptions as well as loads of fantastic produce, deli delights and other essentials. All I'll have to do it get off, walk a block, shop, walk a block and get on the next #10 Harold that comes along. Whew! That's a load off my mind, I can tell you. I really didn't want to ride a bus to somewhere and then have to get into the car to do errands, no siree Bob.

More details will follow, as well as photos which will play up all of the new white walls to conquer! And wait till you hear about the apartment complex's ammenities. My word. We're uptown now.

Thanks so very much for your encouraging words and thoughts and prayers.

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