Monday, September 04, 2006

Here's our cute kitchen.

The kitchen door is straight across from my sleeping nook. It's fabulous window is straight across from the doorway. That means when the fan pulls in wonderfully cool air for sleeping. The frig-side of the kitchen is the only place with electrical outlets, so all of our appliances sit in a haphazard row; we also cannot use more than one of them at a time or we'll blow a breaker--except for Mama's coffeemaker--once she's got it dripped, it can stay on while the toaster toasts of the microwave nukes. Our sink is absolutely huge; we use one of those little plastic bins you get at the hospital to wash dishes in. The only complaint we have, waterwise, is how long it takes to get hot water coming out of the faucet, but now it has become second nature to turn it on sooner. Lamont described out electric range as old-school when he first saw it. The eyes are huge, the oven is narrow but gets hot quickly, there's a deep, deep storage drawer to the left of the oven, and there's another storage drawer, shallow and the width of the entire range. We especially like all of the cabinet space although we often must stand on our little folding kitchen stepstool to reach things. I've taken to using a long barbecue fork to reach extra rolls of paper towels that are on the second shelf over the stove. You cannot see it in any of the pictures, but the floor is black and white squares, some sort of vinyl. The counter top is pale yellow formica which goes very well with the red curtains and potrack at the window. Leland's girlfriend Cristina gave us all sorts of red kitchen stuff, while Lamont's girlfriend Lindsay gave us black and white doggie stuff for Duncan's food and water.

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Sonia said...

Love your home! Very charming and inviting!