Sunday, September 17, 2006

This is a rotten way to treat someone.

Along with everyone at the Georgian Terrace Apartments, Mama and I recently found out that our apartment complex has been sold to someone who plans to convert it into condominiums, outrageously high-priced condominiums.

We have to move; our lease is up Nov. 30, but if we leave by Oct. 31, the man doing this has made us a deal we'd be fools to turn down. So I'm on craigslist and apartment management company Web sites as often as possible, much like I was months ago in Mississippi. We've spent over a dozen hours driving up and down and back and forth on nearby streets, searching for "For Rent" signs in yards or on windows.

We've looked at four places this week, none at all suitable--virtually no closet space, dangerous-looking stairs or steps, won't take dogs, digustingly filthy, dark and dreary and drab.

Once the shock wore off, we decided we'd not let this ruin how we feel about being here or about the huge effort it took to get here. We shall persevere.

I'll keep you updated on our progress.

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