Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's me, as Sweet Potato Queen Wannabe Wannabe, all pink, green and sparkly, a natural woman!

Yep, there I stand, the answer to the pink and green riddle! This was my second year as Jackson Free Press editor Donna Ladd's Wannabe Wannabe. That means I was wearing (my best guess) a least a third generation sequin-covered-foam-rubber-enhanced outfit and the rest of the regalia--red wig, cat's eye shades with rhinestones, long pink gloves, a lovely pink satin cape, fishnet hose and a sparkly tiara. I'm standing here, after the parade in front of Hal and Mal's, with a bunch of ladies I'd met on Thursday night, come down from Missouri just to watch the parade from the sidewalk! They told me that had a blast.

You'll be certain to notice how much the foam rubber enhancements to the bust and the boo-tay of each Sweet Potato Queen has increased over the years. Perhaps if I were a Sweet Potato Queen speaking with the big bad wolf, I'd say, "All the better to shake, shake, shake it with!" See. Big ol' fun! Y'all in Jackson, go on out to the parade. Catch some beads and envision me among the Wannabes trailing the new float, reported by the Boss Queen Herself to be enhanced with over 500 pounds of glitter! Whew! What I wouldn't give to see that! And y'all!


Anonymous said...

I went to Jackson a couple of years ago. I did not enjoy it at all. It was a drunken mess. Most of the women were foul-mouthed drunkards that thought that showing their boobs and rubbing up and down a stripper pole were attractive. It's not.

I won't be going back, either.

Lynette said...

You've discovered all by yourself how great it is to be an American with freedom of choice. I'm happy for you, whoever you might be.

But I am sad that you've decided to ignore the hundreds of Sweet Potato Queens who come to the parade for the joy of being there with friends, having a great time while marching in a parade that raises big money for the Blair Batson Children's Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and making the decision to return to Jackson year after year.