Thursday, March 01, 2007

Corner SW 3rd Avenue and SW Washington .... Click, enlarge and look!

Most every afternoon I wait for my second TriMet bus, the #18 Hillside or the #15 NW 23rd Ave., at the corner of SW 3rd and Washington. Right there in front of me is a beautiful old building that houses a shop on its first floor. I cannot stop looking at their window displays; they're eye-catching, full of vim and verve. So, I thought I'd share the latest that their funky mannequins model for passersby, from inside those great big picture frames.

I cannot decide if I want to be her because of her lavender-ee purple-ee hair, her long legs, her cascading teal blue earrings and matching bracelet, or her preciously snug suit with the colorful buttons. She's just so cute and happy!

Here's the only thing I could find online about the shop, but it's informative. It's from www.portlandpicks back on Feb. 24, 2006 (au coincidence, I took these photos on Feb. 28, 2007!).

"You are so Ori-Jennel

That’s French for “original.” Or maybe not. We barely graduated because of that darn French class, but we can do a mean accent...Orijennel. And this store is “original” but better yet, let’s be straight, it’s Ori Jennel...a cool little shop specializing in fun and funky clothes. It’s a mom-and-daughter venture open just four months. Their goal was to bring Hollywood style to the Northwest. And in light of the looming Oscars, we will be head-to-toe Ori Jennel as we judge all the celebs in their very “un-Ori Jennel” duds (at least compared to us!) Can you tell we like to say that?

They have a nice selection of designer jeans, too. We saw some Sevens we haven’t seen elsewhere. They also carry cool hats, and hip tees and tanks. They also have a 50% and 75% off rack with great deals. The location is easy to get to but set enough out of the hub for easy off-street parking. We didn’t even have to use our parking karma. Squeal! What a Doris Day day!

Ori Jennell Styles
510 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204

What do you think? Should I just cross the street one afternoon and at least look at the hats? At the very least, I need to go around the corner onto 3rd and look in the rest of their windows, don't you think? Give me some advice, if you please, and thank you!

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