Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hamburger Heaven in Hillsboro: Helvetia Tavern

My younger son Leland cooks at the Helvetia Tavern out in Hillsboro; it's a short drive from our apartment in the Northwest Hills. Mama and I love a good burger and fries; we consider good onion rings icing on the cake. Since May, 2007, we've enjoyed four meals there, twice with friends, twice just the two of us--most recently last Saturday when I got this photo of the grill and of Leland putting onion rings onto a platter. I waited until I was nice and full of my own burger, fries, rings and fantastic fountain root beer before taking any pictures.

Here's our friend Milton, who came all the way from Mississippi with his wife Kay to see us in May. He's taking a great big bite out of the jumbo burger.

The ceiling in the bar side holds quite a collection of baseball caps, replete with advertising and such.

Leland always likes to mug for the camera--what better place than beneath this sign that leaves nothing to your imagination about what to expect from your delicious food at the Helvetia Tavern--strickly tongue in cheek, of course.

Leland's totally focused on the pending orders; notice the evidence of how hot it is in the kitchen?

Step out the front door and across the street, you just might see these interesting critters.

This is the view of the building from the parking lot.

On our visit with our friends Danielle, Pat and Meehan, we not only noticed the critters but also this lovely sight from the back edge of the parking lot.

Driving back into Portland on Highway 26, an Edsel drove by--outta sight!

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Z said...

Hi Lynette, thanks for visiting my Villigen CH (Confederation Helvetia = Switzerland) blog. Interesting name for the tavern, do you know the history behind it?