Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mama and Duncan, out for a morning walk




According to iPhoto, I took these pictures on Sunday, July 1. I found them a little while ago and thought they were just too cute not to share with y'all. Mama's wearing my Dale Earnhardt Jr. red hat--she felt her perm was too far gone to foist her hair on the public.

They're carefully and firmly stepping out, across NW 22nd, in the first photo, turning south up the sidewalk beside our building in the second one, and kindly pausing for the camera in the third one.

You can see Mama's got Duncan's "doggie bag" firmly clasped in her right hand, his leash in her left. When I go with them on their weekend walks, she won't let me help her with the pick-up duties very often. Probably because I've got my camera around my neck, you think? Or maybe she just wants to keep to her daily routine, walking him just like she does when I'm at work.

Below you can see the hydrangeas I had stopped to photograph moments before Mama and Duncan reached the corner. The variety of hydrangea colors in Portland amazes me.





Faye Pekas said...

Mama and Duncan look like they're having a good time :)

The hydrangeas are wonderful. Beautiful colors. Mine are all dried up already.

dot said...

I couldn't see all the pictures. My dialup is so slow. I'll check back another time because I want to see the hydrangeas. Your mother looks pretty spry!

smilnsigh said...

-sigh- I envy Mama her daily walk. I mean, I envy her stick-to-it-tive-ness, about getting it. No excuse for me not to. But.. without 'a Duncan,' it's too easy not to. :-(