Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labor Day Block Party at the Corner

Instead of driving vehicles, lots of people ride bikes in Portland. The garage provided the perfect parking spot for the bikes that live there and the ones over for the corner block party.

Mama and I went in the Buick over to Lamont, Lindsay, and Brody's for Labor Day. I made deviled eggs. As you can see by these pictures, we had plenty, plenty to go with them. Leland got to come, too, but Cristina had to work on her regular day off because the restaurant would be busy on Labor Day. Go figures. We sure did miss her.

Remember the tomato plants beside their driveway? Delicious looking and tasting, I'm here to tell ya.

Lamont's refueling the grill for the ribs. Everyone else is circling the table, loading their plates. Every bite tasted great.

Close your eyes after you get them full of the image of this watermelon. Imagine the sweetest, juiciest watermelon you've ever tasted. Multiply it by 10. Now you've got it!

Chris and Leslie's puppy Brixx now weighs 70 pounds--she's gaining a pound or two a week. You'll remember her from the 4th of July post, wearing a party hat.

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