Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fall Fun, Flat Stanley Style! Part Three at Sweet Oregon Berry Company


For over a year, I've wondered and wondered about this school bus in a field, at the intersection of Hwy 99W South and Hwy 18W, about 40 minutes west of Portland. Its unique appendages--a VW van and a VW Bug--visible from the highway, always attracted a glance. With the addition of a fall carnival at the Sweet Oregon Berry Company, Mama and I knew we had to take Flat Stanley there, so we visited it on Oct. 27. Here's Mama, "Miss Edna" to Flat Stanley, with the little guy standing outside the fence with the bus in the background. Those inflatables are not usually there--they appear to be a couple of tombstones and some sort of growling dog--Halloween horror/fun. The bus door, standing open, invited folks in for a short scary tour.


Above and below, you see three photos of Flat Stanley and a Ford backhoe. Heavy equipment and boys go together like hamburgers and French fries.




Lots of kids got their photos taken in front of these scary creatures. Flat Stanley stood very close; he's brave.


You can see just how brave in this close-up. Thank goodness the keyboard player seemed more interested in making music than in grabbing a guy on a Vespa!


Flat Stanley thought everyone in Mississippi (and elsewhere) ought to see this great big tomato!


I think that this is just about my favorite photo of Flat Stanley so far--he looks splendid among these Japanese lanterns.


Andrea said...

You are too funny when it comes to Flat Stanley. I am glad to see you having so much fun.

The Phoenix said...

what do they do with the Japanese lantern's?

smilnsigh said...

Oh he does look splendid among the lovely Japanese Lanterns!

I miss Japanese Lanterns. They used to grow wild out back, by the patio. When we extended the patio, they went. Now I miss them.

Tell "Miss Edna" that I so envy her being called that. I love the Southern way of referring to a "Woman Of A Certain Age." And have tried to get myself called by "Miss Mari-Nanci." But these *dern Yankees* up here, won't go for it. -sighhhh-

And re: a comment in my blog... Yes I think you and "Miss Edna" have the best idea now... renting and not needing to worry about this and that, which goes wrong in a house one owns.

"Miss Mari-Nanci"


Kerri said...

Wow... Flat Stanley sure has been gettin around! He does look fantastic among the Japanese laterns.

Web-OJ said...

Brave, brave Fat Stan. Tee! Hee!