Sunday, November 04, 2007

Fall Fun, Flat Stanley Style! Part Two at Pearl's Place

The Sunday before Halloween, we four climbed into the Buick, picked up our friend Marsha and headed east on I-84, into the Gorge. The sun shone brightly, the leaves glowed brilliantly, and we had a destination--the Hood River Fruit Loop Tour. Here's a colorful clue for you about the tour.


I found this on the Internet: "Looking for some family fun? Take this 35-mile, scenic drive through the valley's orchards, forests, farmlands, and friendly communities. Sample delicious fruits and take your favorites home, visit a winery, experience fields of fragrant lavender, meet adorable alpacas, savor delicious baked goods, and create memories by participating in family activities hosted at Fruit Loop locations throughout the year.

The Fruit Loop is just an hour away from Oregon's largest city, Portland. Located in the national scenic area called the Columbia River Gorge, and the nation's largest pear-growing region, this is one of the few places that offers the complete experience of growing, producing, and then enjoying fruit and wine."

First we stopped at Pearl's Place. We bought three golden delicious apples, one pear, and a couple of pear bars which turned out to be extremely chewy.


We also encountered an impressive wood-burning stove. Flat Stanley enjoyed getting up close and personal with it.




Now for some super fall fun at Rasmussen Farms, please go to Portland (OR) Daily Photo. I took a whole lot of photos--can't surprise you with that one, can I?--so you'll find some of them there on Monday and some of them there on Wednesday!


Isadora said...

Not making light of the apples and Mr. Stanley - but that stove!! Oh, my. What a piece of functional art that one is. Amazing. Contrast that with a radiator....

The Phoenix said...

absolutely! what an amazing stove! I have never seen anything like it.

ok, and the apples look good too.

Lynette said...

I agree with both of you about the beauty of the stove. I'm so glad that somehow I tore myself away from the fruit and saw it there in the corner.

Sonia said...

What a beautiful wood-burning stove!

Web-OJ said...

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But if he's cute like Fat Stanley, keep the apple away!