Tuesday, December 04, 2007

ABC Wednesday – T is for Team Towing Truck Tows Taxi


I saw it with my own eyes, a Broadway taxi moving tediously up the inclined bed of a Team Towing truck as the tow truck driver toiled alongside, toggling the switch.


This travesty--an inoperable taxi in downtown Portland--continued as the tow truck trundled toward me.

Imagine the conversation with me, if you will, between the two people standing on the corner:

Man: "I tried and tried to get the engine to turn over, m'am. It's too bad you'll have to go to the trouble of waiting on another taxi to take you to Tualatin Trophy and Awards on SW Teton Avenue."

Lady: "Yes, it's a trying turn of events, but there's plenty of time for another taxi to get me there so that I can take a look at the engraving on my son Trowbridge's trophy. You know, he's the tailback on the team that took first place in their division."

Man: "Thanks for your understanding, m'am. Yes, m'am, you told me about the trophy. I've already telephoned for your taxi."

Lady: "Thanks for taking the time. I'll find time later today to tell the taxi company this tale and to talk up your talents!"

Man and Lady, waving off camera: "Toodle-ooh, taxi!"


Th-th-th-that's all folks!


Kerri said...

Terrific Tale of "T's"!

Thank you for your concern about my "blah" mood. I sometimes get in these little "funks" - but I normally snap out in a day or too.
Probably hormones :)

Cre8Tiva said...

thanks for visiting my blog...my hubby is from jackson, ms...how long have you been gone...blessings, rebecca

happyone said...

Great T photos! The pictures are so clear. Really nice!!