Friday, December 28, 2007

Snow No-Show


I'm not playing a silly trick,
Showing that moisture on the bricks.

No way, no how, no where, no snow.
That's how my wishes went from dawn to night
Sort of like this escalator appears to go
On 2nd Avenue--to nowhere, out of sight.

Snow did fall at a higher height
But just not where I stood Wednesday night.

About no snow, it's true, I'm sad.
About clear roads, for sure, I'm glad.
'Cause I made it home to size my photo at Flickr
And then to post it for y'all, friends/family extraordinare.

So, even with the snow a no-show
Tonight's post is still a go-go!


Anonymous said...

Cute poem, Lynette! My best wishes to you, Mama, Lamont and Leland and their SO's for a happy and healthy 2008.

Julie in Minnesota :)

Kerri said...

How Funny!! What a cute poem. I hope you get your snow soon...but just not too much of it :)

Paulie said...

I love snow too and so far we have been "teased" by snow flurries 6 times. One day . . .

Can't remember if I said Happy New Year but if I did, have a great year anyway.