Sunday, December 02, 2007

Flat Stanley and I tour Portland's Living Room



Alongside Yamhill as we walked towards Pioneer Courthouse Square, we found a couple of otters perch on a concrete fountain, already turned off for fall. He looks great standing there with them, doesn't he?


Likewise here on the back of this mama deer, standing near her fawn.



At first it appeared that no one was home in Portland's Living Room.


No one except for this kind man offering his umbrella to anyone in need--he's actually a life-size statue called "Allow Me." Flat Stanley really got a kick out of how real he seems. You can see close-up photos by clicking here.


Then we saw this photographer lady who appeared to waiting for something. Turns out that Trista Page--that's her name--was indeed waiting for someone, a model for a Nordstrom photo shoot. All three of us got a kick out of this photo of Trista and Flat Stanley.


Here she is at work. Flat Stanley said, "Trista has more stuff with her than you do. Maybe you ought to suggest that she get a rolling bag, too." I laughed and told him I'd leave that up to Trista, the professional photographer.


We walked across the top of the ampitheater, towards a set of stairs in the center of the square. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed this bronze hat, holding rainwater.


We went down the stairs and turned left, towards Morrison. That's when we saw these two bronze chess boards, resting on pieces of a fallen column. Flat Stanley was relieved when I explained that it had not fallen by accident, that it was all part of the public art at the square.




As we walked up the stairs towards Morrison, we noticed this face, sort of smiling at us. "Could I have a picture with that face?" Flat Stanley asked. Naturally I agreed as you see here. I think this face is part of what's known as a waterfall fountain--I'll have to go back to check at some point.


Flat Stanley and I rode the 15 bus home after our fun tour of Portland's Living Room.


Kerri said...

Wow - Flat Stanely looks like he's having a blast...exploring Portland and meeting new people!


Isadora said...

Looks as thought you two had quite a nice tour. Does not look as thought it was very cold. I love the little animal statues. The man with the umbrella and red tie we've seen before and I still like him...but look, what is that! A Saks!! Can't be a bad place no matter what else :) Say hi to Flat Stanley for me.