Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mama Update and Mt. Hood from our neighborhood, Portland's Alphabet District


Mama's primary care physician told her yesterday that he thinks she's doing very well. He took her off one of her blood pressure meds and changed her cholesterol one to a less expensive one which she can get next time she needs a refill. The physical therapist came back yesterday and told her he's pleased with her progress since last week. Besides walking in the hallway on the walker, she's doing leg lifts, etc. standing at the sink, holding onto the counter. And she's got a couple of 2-lb. weights to work her arms a bit at a time.

On Feb. 18 after Kay and I had gone to pick up Mama's prescriptions, we walked an extra block on our way back to the apartment. That's when we saw this fantastic view of Mt. Hood from a sidewalk. That big ol' mountain is over 60 miles away!

Speaking of Kay, she made it home to Mississippi just fine. We cannot thank her and her husband Milton enough for her being here with us.

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