Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Which way? Before I forget to say it, "Happy Valentine's Day!"

I'm so glad that I found this yellow sign. It describes practically perfectly how I've been feeling lately--not all of the time but a good deal of the time. I'm either the one doing the remote control, or I'm the unoccupied cab. At any given moment, it's a toss-up as to which one. The key word there, though, is operate. I persevere; I operate.

See the detour signs? That's how my life has felt the rest of the time lately, like I'm not going down the road in the usual direction or manner, but I'm bound to get where I'm going some time, some how. I persevere; I operate.

I believe where I'm going is the future, and it's coming from every different direction.

Duncan's got pancreatitis, is at the vet's on IV fluids and meds; I'll get another report Thursday morning. He might be OK, but we don't know for sure until enough time has passed to see how the meds are working (or not). We had another essentially sleepless night, and I'm happy that he's being cared for by people who care about him which means I can rest well.

Mama's coming home Friday--hip, hip, hooray! My sons and I are working out the logistics of that happy happening. Our friend Kay from Mississippi is still flying up here to help us. My brother Howard and his wife Vanessa are working on the air travel for her. As I understand it, Mama will have physical therapy at home for a period of time and will use a walker for a period of time.

We'd all like to thank y'all again for every kind and positive thought, heartfelt prayer and visit to the blog.

I'm on autopilot now, taking a detour by the couch, on my way to the bed in a couple of hours.

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