Friday, February 29, 2008

A suprising February sunrise


For a few minutes Tuesday morning I ate my oatmeal on autopilot, seated at the kitchen table, enthralled by this sunrise. Glorious.

We've had almost two weeks of sunshine and mile temperatures, but the rain is forecast to return some time today, and the snow levels will be down to 2000 feet on Saturday. Not that we're going anywhere near that!

Mama continues to improve, doing so well for the occupational therapist said she wouldn't have to come back. Physical therapy comes again today, I think. No phone call yet, so I can't be sure. We got a local phone number and a land line in the apartment, so Mama can buzz her therapist into the building's front door--that means I don't have to be off work to let them in--hooray. Duncan still has diarrhea, so we've got a 10 a.m. appointment Saturday.

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Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Lynette
I am sorry I did not make visiting you yestoday.. I just called to say a big thank you for your visit and for taking time to comment.. I have been out again today with the camera but got cold..ha!

Thank you again