Wednesday, October 08, 2008

ABC Wednesday - L is for Lynette's back ... just kidding. L is for Long Load.

Count 'em, please. Do you see five trailers attached to the tractor? That's how many I count. Long Load indeed.

I really, really like this photo. Hope you do, too. I have to wonder, though, at the different heights of the trailers. I wonder what that's all about.

By the way, I've been sick and then recovering, so that's why I missed several ABC Wednesdays. I'm happy to be back!


chuckles said...

Interesting, and the width is different too.

honesty said...

In the top pic, on see three trailers connected. I'm wearing my glasses!

The trucks are probably different makes. Maybe they got a deal on one kind of truck, then another, etc.

I want bread now.

honesty said...

I meant to add: when you are counting the trailers in the top pic, gaze across the tops of the truck trailers when counting. You'll see the disconnection in each trailer to the next. If you look at the sides of the trailers, your eyes will play tricks on you, due to the doors on the sides and all the tires.

I still see three trailers.

I hope you don't get any more illnesses. Besides, Mamma and Duncan need you!

Savvy Mode SG said...

hope u are feeling better. being sick is soooo terrible.