Thursday, October 16, 2008

M Week continues with Emmylou Harris, Jimmy Gaudreau and Moondi Klein--Zoo Concert, July 22, 2008

Jimmy Gaudreau and Moondi Klein opened for Emmylou Harris, yet she came out to join them on a song or two. How magnificent!
Once again, members of the audience had to get on their feet and dance. This couple was so far away that my photos don't do them justice, other than to suggest just how much they enjoyed themselves.



Here's Emmylou and her band. It was so wonderful to hear her soaring voice in the great outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, accompanied by such accomplished musicians.

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MissKris said...

I SO wish I'd been there! But duty keeps me away from so many things I'd love to do at this stage in life. But then I think of the wonderful privilege I have, being so involved in the upbringing of my little grandsons, and I may have regrets of missing some things but they're definitely worth the sacrifices.