Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Have you seen a drum set this shade of apple green?

I hadn't until I walked alongside this window on SW 1st Avenue. If I were somehow transformed overnight into a coordinated person with a chance of learning to play the drums, I believe I'd like a set this color because green is one of my favorite colors.

I also like the word Spaun (the brand of the drumset) which reminds me of spawn which, as a verb, can mean bring forth, or which, as a noun, can mean a product. I believe that with a drum set like this one, I could spawn (bring forth) some raucous, offbeat spawn (product). I doubt I'd get to stay in this wonderful apartment under those circumstances, though, so I'll just window shop.

To me, the apples in the store logo make me think of the Beatles. How about you?

Oh, my, but I do love the Beatles, always have, always will. My first and still favorite karaoke song to sing is "Eight Days a Week." Well, I think I'm singing, and Mama's always enjoyed it when she got to come to karaoke down in Mississippi. Seems to me that no one got up and left when I was up there at the mic, watching the karaoke TV screen, listening to the speaker, having a blast.

I just read on the store's Web site that there is a museum of sorts there--I must return for a look, although I don't play any instruments, I think it would be swell to see them, maybe photograph them, and find out all about them so that I could put them on the blog--with the store's permission, of course.

Here's some additional neat info from Apple Music Row's Web site:

Come experience the Apple difference, with more inventory, more variety and more experience. Our showroom features over 1000 guitars. We are locally owned and operated for over 30 years. Our staff will help you before, during and after the sale.

Special orders and layaways welcome. Financing available. We ship anywhere in the US.

225 SW First Avenue, Portland, OR 97204 1-888-33-APPLE 503-226-0036

10:30-6:30 Mon. thru Sat . Sun. 1:00-5:00 PST


2008 Annual Blowout Sale: Save up to 70% during Apple Music's annual Blowout Sale,

the REAL SALE. 9 Days Only October 4-12, 2008 Lowest prices of the entire year.

Save on acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, amplifiers, drums, banjos, mandolins, recording gear, plus cables, stands, software and accessories.

Your favorite brands at prices too low to advertise. Win up to a $250 Gift Card from Apple Music (8 winners in all / total of $1000)

Visit websites KGON, 94/7 FM, Kink and KUFO for More information.

Hurry, quantities are limited!

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MissKris said...

I've been listening to since it first came on the air waves in late 1968. And I, too, LOVE the Beatles!! In fact, I saw George Harrison...actually made eye contact with him when the Beatles came to Portland in 1965. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I was 11 years old. We'd gone to the airport to see if we could get a glimpse of them. All the screaming girls were at one end of the airport and we were at the other 'quiet' end. A long black limo pulled out on to the tarmac and George bent down and peered right up at me. They stayed there for a few minutes before driving on to where their jet waited at the other end where all the fans were.