Saturday, May 23, 2009

High heels at the Red Light on SE Hawthorne






MissKris said...

Pretty to look at...but can you imagine wearing those at our age?! HA! I'm a barefoot gal from way back when and when I see girls wearing the shoes they design today, I think I'll remain this way forever. How's your holiday weekend going???

MissKris said...

Hunting season will be here before I know it, the way time flies, and Dear Hubby will be out and about all over the state for weekends and a week or two at a time. My weekends will be my least I can DREAM that they will be, haha! Lynette, we'll have to thrift shop together!! My email is in my profile. If you feel I'm 'trustworthy', please email me and maybe we can figure out a time to meet and get to know each other. Maybe put "Mama & Me" in the subject line so I know it's you?? I'm relatively familiar with downtown and Hawthorne is practically my back yard. So...I can show you around the thrift stores in Vancouver. Do you know the singers Bonnie Raitt and Shawn Colvin thrift shop in Portland every time they come visit? They say we have some of the best in the country! In fact, Dear Hubby and I hit the 1/2 sale at 8 am this morning at Value Village. He had to be somewhere at 9 so we squeezed in 40 minutes of shopping, haha! We are diehard thrifties. Your weekend sounds wonderful!! I just Reolve-cleaned the living room carpet and I'm sitting here playing on the computer, waiting for it to dry so I can vacuum it up. Dunno when Dear Hubby will be home...maybe around noon or so. I'm reading a good book and I think I'll head out to the sun and the back porch soon to kick back, listen to the birds singing in the trees, and relaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

MissKris said...

That was "Resolve", ahem. Outside of steam cleaning a carpet, that stuff is the best ever.