Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seen on the streets of Portland, No. 9

Here's another photo I took on Broadway, the afternoon of May 14. On my way to usher at the PCPA, I noticed these two-tone boots, on the lady on the left. The ladies stood beside the Heathman Hotel's doorman, resplendent in his Beefeater outfit. I wonder what they needed from him. Could you give us directions to 3 Doors Down Cafe? Did you notice my Chanel boots?

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Katie Walden said...

I love those boots. And I love this blog! Mom showed it to me this weekend when I was at home and I immediately added it to my list. It's so fun to see Portland from your point of view. I'm so glad to see you doing well. We miss you around Jackson but I know you are enjoying being around your boys. God bless!