Saturday, October 24, 2009

You know how you see someone you've never seen before and ...

...then you see that same person again! Well, I thought that's what had happened with these two sightings two days apart. However, upon closer inspection of the largest size of each photo, I don't think that this is the same woman, though at the time I took the second photo I remember thinking, "Oh, wow! There's that woman I saw downtown the other day!"

First at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Sept. 17.

Then on Sept. 19 across the street from Three Doors Down on SE 37th.


Barnstormer said...

Hi Lynette,

I was doing a little research on Portland and stumbled upon your blog. I am making my first trip to Portland tomorrow for a work trip (I travel for the Chocolate Milk: Official Drink of Halloween Tour - we are doing a free Halloween event at the Portland Children's museum) and looking forward to exploring the city.

I really enjoyed the information on your blog and after my visit I plan to write an article on my blog about my experiences in PDX complete with photos and a link to your blog.

Check out my blog:

If you want, I can do a guest blog post on your blog chronicling my time in Portland from a fresh, Midwest perspective. Just an idea. OR- would you mind posting a link to my blog and/or adding me to your blogroll. I hope to stay in touch with you and will continue to read your blog.

I look forward to hearing from you!


MissKris said...

What a nice comment from the previous commenter! What she says is SO true! I was going to say maybe this person in the photographs is on Jury Duty? Haha! When I was on Grand Jury several years ago I wandered all over Portland during lunch breaks and down time...but I must admit I don't think I stood out in a crowd like this one does. I hope you and Mama are having a WONDERFUL vacation, Lynette! I'm stopping in and catching up...I've just been overwhelmed lately and haven't gotten out much to 'visit'.