Monday, May 03, 2010

The Exterior - First Congregational Church, downtown Portland, Oregon







Found on the WWW about First Congregational Church--it faces onto the South Park Blocks in downtown Portland:

Swiss architect Henry J Hefty. Cost $100K to build over five years 1889-1895. Venetian Gothic style, resembling Boston's New Old South Church. Two 100' towers were removed in a 1940s modernization, leaving only the 185' central tower. Cruciform interior 92'x92'. Slopes down to pulpit, with gallery, capacity 1100

Welcome to Portland's First Congregational United Church of Christ!

Our Vision -- We are a progressive Christian community in the heart of Portland. We celebrate diversity through our warm and inclusive welcome. In our worship and in our lives, we believe that God is still speaking and that the risen Christ lives in and among us. We covenant together to:
create a sacred space that is accessible and welcoming to everyone;
work for justice in our community and in our world;
express, in our living, a care for creation and a stewardship of all God's resources;
nurture our relationships with one another through our listening and our caring;
grow in faith, learning and service.
If this vision catches your imagination, we welcome you—whoever you are, whatever household of faith into which you were born, whatever creed you profess, whatever your race, sexual orientation, or gender identity, you are welcome in this place if you come looking for the presence of God or to rededicate yourself to God’s purpose. Please do not leave this place without a prayer for yourself, your friends and famly, and for all those who worship here; for our nation in these times of trial' for all hapless victims and recovering survivors throughout the world; for the fellowship of the Christian Church universal; for the advancement of God's realm of justice and peace; and for all men and women of every nation, race, and faith who sincerely desire to live together in unity and peace. We invite you to join us in our mission of peace and justice by becoming a member of our church. We stand ready to assist you in every way possible. God is still speaking and the risen Christ lives in and amongst us.

Our History -- First Congregational United Church of Christ was established in 1851. Our current sanctuary and 175-foot bell tower was built in 1891, designed by Swiss architect Henry J. Hefty to resemble Old South Church in Boston. The stained glas
windows were designed by Povey Brothers of Portland. We are people of different ages, education, races, abilities, sexual orientations and gender identities. We hold varying theological and political beliefs and come from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. We celebrate and find strength in that diversity and view it as a way of understanding the inclusiveness of God's love.

We celebrate the image of God in every person and we affirm all relationships of support that are founded on the principles of love and justice. We encourage all members to share their talents, gifts and energy in the life, work and leadership of the church. We are a community which is spiritually alive, intellectually curious, and open to new learning, ideas and scholarship. We are tolerant and supportive of other religious traditions and committed to learning about and from them.

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