Saturday, May 01, 2010

Look, up the sky! It's a ... ?

At first I took this photo on March 10, 2010, because of the Fish Grotto sign that hangs in front of the Fish Grotto Seafood Restaurant at 1035 SW Stark in downtown Portland. Once I checked the photo in the camera, I noticed that giant crustacean in the background, hanging on the corner of a building. So I zoomed in for a few others shots, not that I had my actual zoom lens with me--that thing's pretty heavy.

It must be an inflatable crab--it reminds me of piles of crab legs I used to see at the buffet at the Ameristar Casino in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Not my sort of dish to dine on. Anyway, it's hanging on Jake's Famous Crawfish‎ at 401 SW 12th Avenue in downtown Portland.

I remembered that I'd noticed the crab from a block to the north, as I rode by on the bus home on Burnside. Then I remembered that I had seen something just like this at the other Jake's site--Jake's Grill, 611 SW 10th Avenue, also in downtown Portland.

Yep, it's a crab for sure. There's the sign to prove it.

Gotta love Portland!

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