Monday, September 27, 2010

NW Portland Area Indian Health Board 5th Annual Dancing in the Square POWWOW, 9/24/2010

I missed the best first bus home after work last Friday, so I took the next one. Then I got on the second bus so that I could ride it and get closer to the third and last bus. It went less than a block and stopped at the curb with the front door standing open. I walked to the front and asked, "Are we broken?" "It's the sign; he's going to try to fix it," replied the bus driver. "I'll go elsewhere," I said as I stepped through the door. The bus driver allowed as to how he'd like to do that himself. He couldn't. I could and did, walking north on SW 5th Avenue in downtown Portland.

Imagine my surprise when I soon heard the deep rhythmic beat of Indian drums accompanied by singing. I headed across the street at SW Yamhill and walked into Pioneer Square, Portland's Living Room. As soon as I saw the men in their Indian finery, I found a spot to sit on the brick steps and settled in to enjoy a beautiful exhibition. Turns out it was the 5th annual Dancing in the Square POWWOW in celebration of National Indian Day, presented by The Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

As the MC stated, the men danced to the drums, when the drums stopped, they stopped. I found the spectacle delightful, a serendipitous find on the way home on a Friday. I didn't go by 3 Doors Down Cafe because I had gone on Thursday to wish Lamont an early "Happy Birthday" since he had Friday, his 35th birthday, off from work.

More dancing and drumming pictures soon.

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