Monday, October 25, 2010

More man-made greens.

How about that bit of green paint on the mannequin's chest? She's all decked out in a window at The Red Light Clothing Exchange on SE Hawthorne. Hoards of people shop here for Halloween finery.

Our bit-o-green gal is on the left in the window. There's a green petticoat between her and the other mannequin--Lady Gaga?

The green placard stands on a table at The Kingston on West Burnside. I took this photo from inside the 15 bus, stopped in the traffic, probably waiting for someone to walk across the street--for some unfathomable-to-me reason, there is a crosswalk with no light at the opposite corner of the building from where these two men are seated. For safety's sake, there is a crosswalk at a traffic signal about 100 feet east of the one without a signal.

The green Apartment Finder box stands on the corner of SW 14th and SW Morrison, outside The Tiffany Center, which is Portland's premier historic event center, according to its Web site. Weddings happen at the Tiffany Center. Must be why this shop in the corner of the building.

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Anonymous said...

You were looking for green things? Looks to me like you found quite a few.